Logistics shouldn’t become your production bottleneck.

Providing visibility, cutting costs, and impacting the bottom line are our objectives when it comes to assisting customers in the manufacturing industry. With AmberChain as your logistics partner, there’s no need to worry about potential bottlenecks occurring in your supply chain.

In today’s world, standard shipping and logistics processes just don’t work for manufacturers anymore. Old transportation methods are inefficient and too costly. Even with some manufacturers having their supply chain operations handled internally, an experienced logistics provider, like AmberChain, will always help eliminate the inevitable wastes/inefficiencies that tend to arise.
We serve the industrial sector, providing liner container shipping—including LCL and FCL shipping—and breakbulk/project cargo transportation.

We also offer a wide variety of logistics services globally and can make just-in-time deliveries to manufacturing plants or manage many aspects of your supply chain.