As the global Life Science sector continues to grow, the world’s leading pharmaceutical, Medical and HealthCare companies are looking beyond traditional markets for growth. However, the industry faces challenges such as : expiring patents, pricing pressure, and growing regulation in various markets. those markets need globalized, traceable, compliant and secure supply chains with end to end visibility.

Most of the items from the healthcare industry are delicate and require specialized care during transportation. The biggest challenge in shipping those goods lies in the regulations and laws governing their transportation, sale and distribution.

For a company to be able to successfully ship goods from this industry, it needs to have a deep understanding of the technical and compliance matters in addition to the governmental applied regulations. This includes being in possession of specialized equipment for packing as well as temperature, humidity and pressure sustaining equipment for the storage during transportation. Not many companies will be able to satisfy these conditions, and even fewer will be able to safely deliver your goods to their destination, but AmberChain will.